360 Video Booth

Wedding, Quinceaneras,  Corporate Event, Family BBQ, Festivals and moreCapture memories like never before with your Unforgettable’s 360 Video Booth. Elevate your event with immersive experiences. Book now for the best 360 Booth in Kansas City!

360 Video Booth With Kansas State Classy Cats Cheerleaders

With our 360 Booth

We’d love to help make your events Unforgettable!

Welcome to ‘your Unforgettable’ – Your gateway to an exceptional 360 Video Booth experience in Kansas City! Elevate your events with cutting-edge technology and immersive 360° memories. Our 360 Booth in Kansas City and surrounding areas brings excitement, laughter, and unforgettable moments to your special occasions. Capture the essence of your event like never before with our state-of-the-art 360 Video Booth. Book now to turn your gatherings into truly remarkable experiences with ‘your Unforgettable.’


360 Camera Options

360 Video Booth, 360 Camera, 360 Booth, 360 Photo Booth, 360 Spinning Booth, 360 Spinning Camera. Just as many names as we heard our new event experience called we have even more ways for you to express yourself with our engaging 360° event entertainment booth! We can customize the experience just for you with most of the options included, meaning 100% FREE to add on.

Some of our customizable options are:

*Some of our options listed is linked to the explanation below. As well you can view our Portfolio and youtube for other examples of the many options. But the best option is our customer service so contact us if you have a way you would like to express yourself that is not listed. Or just to give us the opportunity to explain options that we could not explain with a simple picture.


  • Customized Overlay
  • your Video Song Choice
  • Add a Pre or Post Video to each 360 Video
  • Custom Digital Backgrounds
  • Physical Props
  • Standard Physical Backgrounds & Backdrops
  • Custom Lights
  • Smoke Machine
  • Confetti

Portrait or Landscape

Discover the versatility of our cutting-edge 360 camera, offering the flexibility to shoot in both Portrait and Landscape modes. Capture breathtaking panoramic views or focus on stunning vertical imagery. With this advanced 360 camera option, unleash your creativity and bring your event to life.

360 Video Booth Portait Mode

360 Video Booth Landscape Mode

360 Camera Custom Overlay

Make your event truly unforgettable with your Unforgettable’s custom 360 Spinning Booth overlay. Elevate your experiences with personalized branding. Our expert team ensures every detail reflects your unique vision, creating immersive 360 videos that leave a lasting impression. From corporate events to weddings, ‘Your Unforgettable’ offers the perfect blend of innovation and creativity, adding an extraordinary touch to your special occasions. Book now to transform your event with our custom 360 Spinning Booth overlay and take your guests on an unforgettable journey.

Sign Light Overlay

360 Cloud Overlay